Jennifer Nelson – Board Member

Jen was born and grew up in Minnesota. She got her first taste of travel when her family went to Colombia for Christmas vacation when she was 10.  Jen is the youngest of 3 and the daughter of 2 teachers. Her father taught English and Spanish at the Middle and High School levels, which ignited her love for the Spanish language.  She grew up in the church and taught Sunday school throughout her High School years.  Her father was the organist for 45 years and her mother sang in the choir and also taught Sunday school.

She received her B.A. in Elementary Education from Augsburg College. Part of her student teaching was at an American school in England. Jen’s first teaching job was at an American school in Nicaragua where she taught various elementary grades, including a combination class of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade. During her 7 years in Nicaragua, she received her M.S. degree in Elementary Education from Fitchburg University, MA.  Upon returning to Minnesota in 2000, Jen has taught in St. Paul.  She currently teaches Kindergarten in Spanish.

Due to her love of Central America and traveling, she has been on a number of Mission trips and is dedicated to using her gift of Spanish to serve God and others.