August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

Milk & Honey Newsletter: August 2019

At the end of July, the board had the opportunity to sit down with Peter and Kathy Hearne, to hear and learn about all of the amazing things they are doing in their new church in Comayagua!
Peter and Kathy had a calling to serve the community of Comayagua. They were led by their faith and trust in God to put all their savings into the new church and their ministries. Peter proclaimed, "We do not worry about the money. If they feel an urge from God, we act on that urge." "The Lord will always provide!" Although the church does not have an introductory sign that easily displays itself, the church is a thriving community of new believers and missionaries, which allows their message to spread rapidly throughout the community. Their church started in a small place with a couple of families. God had laid it upon Peter and Kathy's heart to start a ministry in Comayagua but also with a special request, to reach out to full time missionaries living around the area that couldn't speak fluent Spanish and didn't have a church community to be part of because of language barriers. As they started, God provided the missionaries one by one, transforming the services and church into a bilingual church.

Working with these missionaries, the church puts on different events: visionary conferences, women conferences and fun family events, in order to encourage and promote business and family values. One on the main reasons people leave Honduras and their families is the lack of jobs. For this reason, Peter and Kathy have set up the visionary conferences. At the visionary conferences, the church brings in guests with business expertise. The business experts present workshops that equip the locals with the tools they need to start their own business: make a logo, how to use different software programs and how to make/ format contracts. Through this conference, they also stress the message that "It's okay to win the world, but what about your soul"? They encourage the attendees to take care of their finances but to not forget about their soul. During the women conferences, the women set up a creative market in the park to sell their products they make. This helps give the women in the community a job and a bigger role in the family to support their children. They are hoping to start a store in the church or connect with fair trade stores in the cities like Small Things Fair Trade in Woodbury Lakes. For Fun Families, the church puts on a big family-friendly event in the central park to promote family values. They have bouncy houses, people dressed in costumes, games, and a book reading from the bible. Their main message for families is about quality vs quantity in their time spent with each other. They have also started offering free English classes. All of these events are free to the public, drawing the attention of non-believers and bringing them to the church. They are looking for a lot of support through prayer and finance to keep these programs running and benefiting the community. These conferences have already changed the lives of many and will continue to do so in the future.

Since the doors to the church are always open, many homeless people just come in and sit. The church is looking for opportunities for things to do with them such as a closet filled with clothes and food. They would also like to add a shower, so that they have a place to clean up, as many of them often say they would rather have a shower more than anything.

In October, the church will be traveling to Flower Mountain to work with an indigenous Honduran tribe. This Honduran tribe has about ninety families and one church. Many of them do not have the finances to support themselves, so they only eat once a day. Flower Mountain is about a five-hour drive from Comayagua. Any prayers for their travels and work would be very beneficial. We pray that the community of Flower Mountain would be changed and impacted as well as the body of the church.
Peter and Kathy are looking for missionary interns that could stay for any amount of time to help plan and lead conferences in the church. They are always looking for support through prayers and finances to purchase computers, a tv, a printer and many other supplies to serve all the people in their growing church. Board Member Meghan Rice

July 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."Proverbs 19:21
This July newsletter was supposed to be a recap from the mission trip that was supposed to happen June 8-15th. But, God had other plans. There was some unrest/protesting in Honduras the week before we were supposed to leave and so it was decided that we needed the team to be safe and postpone the trip. Although I understood the reason behind the decision, I have to say, I was really disappointed. I was leading this team, along with Paige Joosten, and we put in a lot of time getting things ready to go. We said a lot of prayers to get the team together and felt the Lord was watching over us and were ready to go. (We all had our big suitcases packed!) I kept my packed suitcase in my van for 1 ½ weeks. I also had some extra things that our friends in Honduras were in need of. I had the seeds to plant the gardens in El Varillal and San Nicolas. We were planning to get the seniors involved in planting a garden in the courtyard of the Senior Center. There was also a popcorn popper for the Library! BUT, we were kept safe and that is the most important thing. We do have a new travel date: Sept. 24th - Oct. 1st. Unfortunately 3 team members could not make this work. But, we have 4 new team members joining the 8 of us. God has a plan for this team. Please pray for the team. I am excited to see what will happen!!! In the mean time, please pray for the country of Honduras. People work so hard to receive so little. It saddens me to see people in such need when I look around and see so much abundance! Some of the things that Milk and Honey Missions is helping with are:

 1.    Getting new chairs & tables for the Children's Feeding Center in La Villa.

2.   Making sure the new water filtration systems get into place in El Varillal.  Pray for someone to lead the installation process.

3.   The possibility of the road into El Varillal being worked on. (currently a road that only the brave drives on)  The people who live in El Varillal have a hard time getting in and out on this road, making life even harder for this community.

4.   Supporting the students that are a part of the Scholarship program.

5.   Finding a good Ultra Sound machine for the medical clinic.

As always, if you feel a tug at your heart to help out in any of these or other projects that Milk and Honey, Inc. supports, please visit our website linked below.

We are grateful and blessed to have such wonderful, passionate people supporting our mission to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the people in Honduras.

~Anne Van Kleek, Board member

May 2019

May 2019 Newsletter
Water Filtration Systems In El Varillal

Clean water is a serious issue.

Recently the well installed in El Varillal has been confirmed to be contaminated making it useless to the school and families. To address the water issues there, our board has unanimously approved an initiative to provide in-home water filters.
We plan to create a program modeled after the successful program in San Nicolas. We are hiring a coordinator who will work with a local program, El Ayudante Honduras, for the filters. Families that qualify for the program will be selected by the coordinator and will have to put forth a small fee as well as attend a class on how to maintain and use the filter in their home. The training is already beginning, so our first families will be getting clean water soon!
Bio-Sand Water Filters
How it works:
The water filters are designed and approved in Michigan, and are assembled in Honduras. This bio-sand filter design is a plastic container with layers of sand and gravel that allow a live level of bacteria to grow which eats the bad bacteria as the water filters through it, providing clean, drinking water. The filter life is more than 10 years, providing drinking water for an entire household. It takes about 30 minutes to filter 5 gallons of water and can filter over 25 gallons a day.
To install a filter, the sand and gravel are rinsed and then layered inside the filter. Then, the filter is tested to ensure the rate at which the water filters is correct. Once the flow rate is accurate, they explain to the family how to use it. The entire process takes about an hour, and provides a great opportunity to fellowship with the family. Installation is simple enough for anyone to help!
Eternal Value:
In addition to providing clean drinking water, a water filter brings a sense of empowerment and pride to parents as they are now able to provide safe water for their family - something that was previously out of their reach. Providing clean water is also a relationship bridge and opens a door for talking about the life changing, Living Water of Jesus Christ.

The filters are going to cost $120 per home. Milk and Honey Missions, Inc has pledged to start with 10 filters. Can you help us provide more?At the link below you can make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly recurring donation through PayPal. No amount is too small to help!

April 2019

Monthly Update: April Newsletter 2019

Library update

One year into our newest project, the library is flourishing! Our librarian and project leader is Martha Suazo, a member of Linaje Church and a former teacher.

She has ably shepherded our library from a dream into reality. The library's name is "Casa de Conocimiento" which means House of Knowledge. She is striving to make it a welcoming place for the entire community to gather and learn. So far, we have approximately 800 books in our library and 3 computers with internet access.
The library has been a busy place with classes from local schools coming for classes led by Martha in such things as research and essay writing. Kids come before and after school to work on class assignments and use the internet and printing capabilities. During school breaks, the library has worked cooperatively with local schools to provide tutoring to children who need some extra attention, while the local city government has pitched in with paying for some of the tutoring costs and providing a snack for the students. Also, a local artist offered some special art classes during school vacation which were well received!

Goals for the upcoming year include: more books, additional special classes by the art teacher, family movie nights, and an independent board to guide the future of the library. Want to help? Here are some ways.
(1) Pray for Martha and her amazing leadership and dedication.
(2) Buy some books for us
(3) help us buy an additional computer as Martha reports there is often a waiting line after school.
(4) If you love the arts and music, donate some money to help us offer special classes in the arts and music.

If you feel led to help provide financial support to Milk & Honey Missions and the work we are doing in Honduras, please click the "Donate" link below. Thank you for your prayers, love and support!

March 2019

Monthly Update: March Newsletter 2019

He says, "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

I am writing this while looking out the window and seeing fog. Fog is good right now; because that means that it is warmer than yesterday! And according to the weather, it will stay warm...and after the last couple of months here in MN, I can't wait. There is hope that spring is coming.

It is also the season of Lent. It is a time to reflect on Jesus' life and what it means for you and me. He suffered so that we don't have to. He brought the hope from God to us.

I had the privilege of being in Honduras in January...yes, away from the cold, but that was so long ago! This was my 5th trip there and another amazing time. Every time I have been there has been so different, but seeing God work His ways through the team and with our friends down there is actually seeing the Hope!

Our devotions throughout the week reflected on this Hope. We saw a new church welcoming people off of the street to come and worship with them. We saw many entrepreneurs come to find out how they can grow their business. We saw a doctor who had been praying for supplies be overjoyed with a suitcase full of the very things that she had been praying for. We saw the Holy Spirit at Linaje Escogido in La Villa on our last night work through Pastor Peter and Kathy and Faby our interpreter. We saw a library full of kids who came even when school was not in session and proudly showed off their art and talent. We saw our faith work through the difficulties that we encountered on our first travel day. We saw senior citizens become Super Heroes! We felt God everyday in all that we did and what we saw. We had a team that reflected the Hope to these people that we ministered to.

Each time I sign up to go on a mission trip, I always think, "How can I bless these people and share the love of Christ with them?" But, I always come home feeling that I am the one who has been blessed by how they shared the love of Christ with me!

I have been asked to help lead the June mission team along with my friend, Paige. I know that God has a plan and is working on gathering a team together, but my faith in the process is hard. God will send who He needs when He needs them. We have not filled up the seats yet, SO...if you are available and God is leading you June 8-15th, please contact me!!

Milk and Honey has added more scholarship recipients to now total 22! We were blessed in 2018 to have enough donations to support all of the ministries that we help keep going. If you would like to help keep the ministries fully funded for this year, please consider a donation to Milk and Honey. Another way to support, even if a small amount, is to sign up for Smile.Amazon and choose Milk and Honey

Missions as your non-profit.

~Anne Van Kleek

If you feel led to help provide financial support to Milk & Honey Missions and the work we are doing in Honduras, please click the "Donate" link below. Thank you for your prayers, love and support!

February 2019

Monthly Update: February Newsletter 2019

We pray this newsletter finds you happy and healthy.

In January, we were lucky enough to have three of our board members travel to Honduras and catch up with the locals. Anne, Emily and Natalie spent time in Villa San Antonio and San Nicolas, and were even able to spend a few hours in El Varillal.
Our time in El Varillal brought a wonderful reunion. Back in 2016, we shared a story about Anex, a young boy who had been diagnosed with a hole in his heart. On July 10th, 2016 Anex was at church with his family when he became faint. He was prayed over and brought to the hospital in Comayagua where he was admitted with an enlarged heart and newly found blood concerns. He was eventually transported to a larger hospital in Tegucigalpa for further testing.

Anex had many obstacles to overcome - his family couldn't afford the costly healthcare that he needed to survive, and once he was able to come home, there were many concerns about the unsanitary conditions that faced him there - a dirt floor, unfinished walls.

We asked and you answered! Through your financial support and many prayers, Anex is doing great! We were able to help his family provide a more sanitary living space by installing concrete floors. We were able to provide the medical expenses that were absolutely necessary, and your prayers helped a miracle happen! If you haven't seen it yet, check out our short video on Facebook when we found Anex out and about with his friends. Two and a half years later, he is able to be a normal kid doing everyday things.
Every day there are stories just like Anex coming out of the communities we serve. Please continue to be strong prayer warriors for our friends!
If you feel led to help provide financial support to Milk & Honey Missions and the work we are doing in Honduras, please click the "Donate" link below. Thank you for your prayers, love and support!

January 2019

January, 2019

Monthly Update: January Newsletter 2019

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with the joy of the recent celebration of our Lord's birth. Do you have a resolution for 2019? Something you wish to change in your life or about your lifestyle? At the beginning of each new year, we hear constant talk about resolutions and things we will do more of, or better at, or how we will better use our time and our talents. Every year, I struggle with whether or not I should make a resolution, because I always end up "failing" and not following through with my resolution. This year, I have a different attitude. My resolution is to try my best at being more intentional about how I pray. So, personally, it will be my job to reflect on my conversations with God. Whether or not I "fail" or follow through is between God and me. One thing I know is that He is constant, no matter how inconsistent I may be. God has been blessing Milk and Honey Missions and our partners in Honduras. The library is running smoothly and we are continuing with new programs, such as free tutoring during school breaks. The Clínica Samuel is serving members in the community, as are the feeding centers, the scholarship program and the Senior Center. So, whether you are making a resolution or not this year, please continue to pray for our Missions and partners in Honduras. Your donations and constant prayers help to keep these programs running and help us to increase the number of ways we can help. Have a blessed and happy 2019!

Monthly Update: August Newsletter 2018

August 20th, 2018

Monthly Update: August Newsletter 2018


"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!" Isaiah 52:7 This was the theme for the July 2018 team who went to Honduras. I was fortunate, along with my husband and 13 others, to be a part of this wonderful mission trip. We handed out more than 400 Witness bracelets to people that we met: school kids, business owners, church leaders, families, etc. We spread the message of God's love and salvation in Comayagua, La Villa, San Nicolas, in airports and on the plane!

Our first evening in Comayagua had us washing feet of missionaries. Feet...tired feet of those who are there every day helping those who need Jesus' love.

The senior citizens in La Villa showed off some dancing talents, played a competitive game of BINGO, and colored a mountain scene with our verse written on it. The team interacted with these gracious people and helped serve their meal.

On each trip, this was my 4th, I learn new things about myself. New and different opportunities come along side the familiar activities. This trip had me: Co-leading with Tina Wallace (neither of us had led a team before, so we were relying on God more than ever-Lisa Engh was a GREAT help prepping us for this task!), having to step up and pray first, filling in that awkward pause (totally out of my comfort zone...on other trips I tended to wait my turn), using my experience as a substitute teacher to come up with activities quickly when we needed to fill extra time (yes, this 51 year old did the Hokey Pokey a couple of times, sang Head Shoulders Knees and Toes opera style) and also had to improvise when the crayons did not get packed and one of the main activities was to color! The whole team came out of their comfort zone when we were at the Medical Clinic for a lice check. Everyone stepped up and did their part. We knew that these kids and families needed our help and if by chance we would get lice, we could deal with it.

We led activities at both feeding centers including bubble making using yarn, popsicle sticks & a metal washer, had the kids decorate feet and put these on a mural telling them about using their feet to Follow Jesus, and of course games!   

I finally got to visit the library. What a wonderful space that is used by many school groups. We read The Foot Book and talked about how our feet need to Follow Jesus. Helped the 2 groups make their bracelets learning about how the different colors of the beads remind us about our journey to salvation. We ended out time with each group playing Bingo. I am so happy that the team had room to bring all of the books that had been donated. Pastor Peter Isaac's Sunday message was about us being a seed and we need to nurture it in order to grow in Christ. We all start as a seed, but when we give our life to Christ we break open the seed and grow. We are in a process to become a fully grown plant. We don't know what lies ahead. We will go through struggles, but as Pastor Peter sang, "God Will Make a Way" for us. We need to trust in Him.Our team had so many times when we knew that God was with us: falls, stomach troubles, transportation strike, free checked bags, strike paused for 2 days (& one being the day we were traveling back home), being in La Villa early due to strike to see the celebration parade, & just knowing that we were all there for a purpose. There were 12 out of our 15 member team who had not been to Honduras before. It was so exciting to see their compassion & passion for these people who I hold dear in my heart. We prayed. We laughed. We cried. We shared. We drank lots of water. We gave lots of business to the Pulperia. We tied leather cords. We met so many new people. We painted. We served. We were sweating. We trusted. We grew. We were the feet that spread the Good News for 1 week in July. This was a very special trip. There is still more to do in this one little area of Honduras. They still need kids to continue their education into High School and beyond. They REALLY need good drinking water. They need prayers. They need more days to come and find a good meal & friends. I can't wait to go back, hoping in January, to continue ministering to these dear people. I go on these trips to serve the people in Honduras, but every time I feel as though they have served me. ~Anne Van Kleek  Board Member

The library is still in need of books. If you wish to donate a book or two, please see the following website: 

Monthly Update: June Newsletter 2018

June 16th, 2018

Monthly Update: June Newsletter 2018

Another board member visit in May.  We are so blessed to be able to spend time with our friend in Honduras!  Emily Peterson and her daughter Natalie were able to travel with a group from King of Kings Church May 18th - 25th on our third trip and the relationships are getting stronger.  We had a very small group this time making for some good quality time together.

We spent time with the seniors, enjoyed the Linaje worship service on Sunday, spent time with the children of the la Villa and San Nicolas feeding centers with a "Polar Blast", helped out at the clinic, worked with several school classes at the library, and were able to attend the new Wednesday night service Peter and Kathy Hearne are hosting in Comayagua.  Along with the new service we were able to meet some new friends that have found a church home there and visit them in their homes and businesses.  We pray that the new ministry in Comayagua continues to prosper and bring people together!

The new library is quickly becoming a popular spot.  They are in need of air conditioning and that is being discussed.  It was so nice to see it being used by a variety of community members.  We pray the library brings the community together even more.

The library is still in need of books. If you wish to donate a book or two, please see the following website: 

The water situation in la Villa continues to be a problem.  The clinic and feeding center battle skin and stomach problems on a regular basis because the water available to people at their homes is so dirty.  The city is looking into a solution, but in the meantime we have provided them with a solution of sorts.  They are able to clean the water with a solution that takes out the largest debris and transfer it to containers to be treated.  This will help them have clean water to cook with as well as for the kids to clean up in when they come to the feeding center.  We pray for the health of the la Villa community.

We were blessed to assist in the delivery of meals to the Linaje community members that aren't able to make it to the feeding center.  What a blessing this ministry is!

Please continue to hold up our friends in Honduras in your prayers.  There are so many wonderful things happening in these communities and we are blessed to be a part of it!

April 2018 Newsletter

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

I had tons of excuses to not go (except that I really wanted to): finances, time, work, family, etc… God called me to Honduras in March for the opening of the Casa de Conocimiento Jane and Leo Neuman (House of Knowledge) Library in La Villa San Antonio. Piece by piece it all just fell into place. God kept putting that opening into view. I heard, “Go”. It was powerful, so I went.

It is amazing to see how God uses us to do His work. Jane Neuman and I were blessed to be able to make the trip to La Villa for the Grand Opening of the new library in that community. We brought a bit more than 100 books to add to the books that had been purchased in Honduras. The enthusiasm of the community, including local schools and the Mayor’s office, was incredible.

The library is available for free Internet, research support, story hours, etc… Many of the students in that area have no access to the Internet, even though it is required for school assignments or research. Most have no access to books, whether for research or enjoyment.

Seeing the opening of this library and what it will do to help the community was a great experience. Seeing how it is being run and used to provide support for learning is awe-inspiring. Seeing the look of awe and pure enjoyment on students’ faces as they perused the new books was beyond words.

The library opening was the main point of the trip. We were also able to check in with other projects, communities and activities in which Milk and Honey Missions and Linaje Escogido Church are involved. Scholarship students now have a library to support their educational needs. Relationships continue to grow and God continues to guide.

May you all be blessed and have the opportunity to hear God’s call and Go!

The new library is still in need of books. If you wish to donate a book or two, please see the following website:…/ls/13DX023IE7RX7/ref=cm_go_nav_hz

February 25th, 2018 Monthly Update: February Newsletter

When I signed up to write this month's newsletter, I thought that I would be recapping what we did while on our January trip.  Sadly, due to the unrest in Honduras with their recent elections, we needed to postpone the trip.  While I was disappointed, I know that God had other plans for me during this time.  I was needed to fill in for a teacher in her time of need.  But, since we already purchased the tickets, my husband and I are heading to Honduras in July with that annual trip!!  I am super excited...although not quite the same as leaving cold MN in Jan for warm Honduras and instead leaving hot MN for hot Honduras!  :)

Our Milk and Honey Missions Board met in February to recap 2017...what a year!  Jane Neuman had a vision for a library to be established in La Villa and on March 20th, (with the help of so many donations) "Casa de Conocimientos" or House of Knowledge will have their grand opening!  Jane is able to make a trip to be a part of the celebration, so I am sure she will have many pictures.

We also have added more students to our Scholarship program...once again, thanks to the many donations to the Foundation!  It is exciting to hear about the accomplishments of these students.  They started their new school year at the beginning of February with new backpacks & school supplies.  Your prayers for these students are appreciated.  A BIG thank you to César for being the coordinator in La Villa to make sure the students are equipped and are kept accountable.

We are adding more days for the feeding centers to be open and also equipping the new Senior Center with supplies.  God is so good!!!

If any of you are finding that you need to fill your passion for these Honduras friends in another way, we are looking for people to be on the Board.  We meet once a month with minimal outside commitment.  I know that when I returned from my first trip in 2015, I needed to find a way to help all year long.  Thanks to some prayers that I made and from Jen Nelson, I was led to the Milk and Honey Missions Board.  If you want more information, please feel free to contact anyone on the Board, or send a message via Facebook or the new website...did I mention that we have a new website??!!!  

Not that I want to wish for time to go faster (even though I really can't wait for warmer days as I am writing this looking out at all of the snow that we just received), but I cannot wait to return to Honduras in July and reunite with the friends that I have made and find out what God has planned for me on this trip.

Blessings to you all,

Anne Van Kleek

December 2017

Thanking YOU!

Does anybody else wonder why Jesus left very little (none?) physical record of his presence on earth?  Why didn’t He build something permanent? Why didn’t He leave us with a book written in his own hand? Why didn’t He spend some of those precious few years he had on earth by formalizing an organization with structure and rules and chains of command? Of course, none of us knows the answers to these questions, but I think it might be because Jesus was concerned with the individuals around him. He didn’t worry about political theory or a structural legacy. He worried about teaching, preaching, healing and encouraging those around him.

As the year closes, my mind has turned to the people involved with Milk & Honey. While we have accomplishments of which I am very proud, the thing that is in my heart is the people. To the people we serve, I say I hope we have made your path easier and your burden lighter. To our Honduran partners, I say thank you for your prayers, your energy, and your passion for your community. Thank you for your selfless example and your unwavering friendship. To my colleagues on the Milk & Honey Board, I say without you, this ministry could not go on. I thank each of you sincerely and with a heart full of gratefulness.  To our prayer and financial supporters, I say thank you for steadfastness. We rely on your prayers as we seek to do God’s will among the people of Honduras. We work hard to make sure that each dollar you trust us with is spent wisely. The Board of Directors pays for all administrative expenses so that each and every dollar you share with us goes to work in Honduras.

My mind’s eye is filled with images of you, the people associated with Milk & Honey. We will leave our list of achievements for another discussion. Right now, I just want to focus on the people.  I want to revel our common belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and the relationships we have forged in this common endeavor in one corner of the world.

Blessed Christmas,

Jane Neuman

President, Milk & Honey Missions

November 2017

November 2017

Monthly Update: Thank you!


God is so good!
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who came, gave, & prayed for our first Honduras Team Reunion/Fundraiser.  I think that I had my fill of papusas (we had a few leftover)!  But, I think that I will be ready to eat some more when I return to

Honduras with the January 2018 team. 

 I also need to personally thank the team of people that helped with this event:  Jane & Leo Neuman, Emily Peterson & family, Jen Nelson, Deb Hannah, The Rice family:  Michael, Shelly, & Meghan, Linda Goodno & family, Nancy Lindberg, Lisa Engh, & Kristi Myre!  Also thank you to Crossroads Church Cottage Grove campus for providing the venue.  The wonderful food we had came from Las Palmas in St. Paul.  Pastor Peter & friends from Linaje sent a video for us to watch.  It was fun catching up and meeting new people who all have the same passion!

The Silent Auction brought in over $1000 to purchase items needed in the new Senior Center.

The donations for the library brought in $500!

Other donations amounting to around $1400 will be used to help pay for Scholarships!

I just have to smile knowing that the ministries that Milk and Honey Missions support will be able to continue for another year.  AND that our new ministry of a community library is coming to fruition!  A building was found near the square in La Villa AND this building is in pretty good condition!  We do need to help pay for rent each month, find furniture, tech equipment, books, etc. 

So if you are considering donating some money on GiveMN Give to the Max Day Thursday, Nov. 16th, please consider the library in La Villa for your donation!  Even $10 goes a long way in Honduras.  We have a $5000 matching grant in place!

Thank you again for all of the support and prayers that you have given to the people of Honduras and to our little non-profit of Milk and Honey Missions, Inc.  We could not support the ministries without others who have a heart and passion for these wonderful people.

~Anne Van Kleek

October 2017 Newsletter

This November 4 (just a couple weeks away) Milk and Honey is hosting a fundraising dinner for the ministries we help support through our Honduran partner Pastor Peter Hearne and Linaje Escogido, the church in La Villa, Honduras.  If you follow us on FaceBook, you have probably noticed the posts regarding the ministries that Milk and Honey support in Honduras and the Dinner we are hosting.


The Board of Milk and Honey is made up of all volunteers.  Most of us joined the Board because we visited Honduras and our hearts were touched by the needs there and we came home with a love for the Linaje Church and the Honduran people.  There is no doubt that each Board Member is passionate about ministering to the people of Honduras.  We love our partners, the Hearne’s and the members of the Linaje Escogido Church.  We have become family in so many ways.  Many of our Board members have made multiple trips to Honduras as part of the King of Kings/Crossroads Church Missions Trips.  We have come to know and love many of the seniors, students and people who live in La Villa that are ministered to through Linaje Church. We love the people of Honduras.  We love being a part of a ministry that is making significant changes in the lives of the people of Honduras. 


Each Board Member gives joyfully of their own time and money to the ministry in Honduras.  We love what we do and are excited to tell others about the wonderful opportunities to reach out beyond your own family or neighborhood.  The hardest part of being a part of this Board is asking for donations.  Even though we are 1,000% sold on the work in Honduras, it is difficult for each of us to ask you to give of your resources to support the work in Honduras.  So when we ask, please know that we understand that you have many options and good things to give toward.  We would just ask that you consider Milk and Honey Missions.  Pray about it.  Go to our website (under construction right now) and see what God is doing in Honduras through our partners at Linaje Escogido. 


A couple of the ministries that are near and dear to my heart are the Senior Center and the Scholarship programs.  There is a great need to minister to the elderly in La Villa.  The church of Linaje is loving their seniors and they have needs for the center.  The scholarship program gives high school students and university students an opportunity for education that they wouldn’t have otherwise.  The feeding centers in La Villa and San Nicolas, the Medical Clinic, and the Kindergarten program all have needs. 


Please consider a Thanksgiving Gift or a Christmas gift to Milk and Honey Missions.  100% of all gifts go directly to the ministry. 


Ministering together,


Deb Hannah

Board Member