February 25th, 2018 Monthly Update: February Newsletter

When I signed up to write this month's newsletter, I thought that I would be recapping what we did while on our January trip.  Sadly, due to the unrest in Honduras with their recent elections, we needed to postpone the trip.  While I was disappointed, I know that God had other plans for me during this time.  I was needed to fill in for a teacher in her time of need.  But, since we already purchased the tickets, my husband and I are heading to Honduras in July with that annual trip!!  I am super excited...although not quite the same as leaving cold MN in Jan for warm Honduras and instead leaving hot MN for hot Honduras!  :)

Our Milk and Honey Missions Board met in February to recap 2017...what a year!  Jane Neuman had a vision for a library to be established in La Villa and on March 20th, (with the help of so many donations) "Casa de Conocimientos" or House of Knowledge will have their grand opening!  Jane is able to make a trip to be a part of the celebration, so I am sure she will have many pictures.

We also have added more students to our Scholarship program...once again, thanks to the many donations to the Foundation!  It is exciting to hear about the accomplishments of these students.  They started their new school year at the beginning of February with new backpacks & school supplies.  Your prayers for these students are appreciated.  A BIG thank you to César for being the coordinator in La Villa to make sure the students are equipped and are kept accountable.

We are adding more days for the feeding centers to be open and also equipping the new Senior Center with supplies.  God is so good!!!

If any of you are finding that you need to fill your passion for these Honduras friends in another way, we are looking for people to be on the Board.  We meet once a month with minimal outside commitment.  I know that when I returned from my first trip in 2015, I needed to find a way to help all year long.  Thanks to some prayers that I made and from Jen Nelson, I was led to the Milk and Honey Missions Board.  If you want more information, please feel free to contact anyone on the Board, or send a message via Facebook or the new website...did I mention that we have a new website??!!!  

Not that I want to wish for time to go faster (even though I really can't wait for warmer days as I am writing this looking out at all of the snow that we just received), but I cannot wait to return to Honduras in July and reunite with the friends that I have made and find out what God has planned for me on this trip.

Blessings to you all,

Anne Van Kleek