December 2017

Thanking YOU!

Does anybody else wonder why Jesus left very little (none?) physical record of his presence on earth?  Why didn’t He build something permanent? Why didn’t He leave us with a book written in his own hand? Why didn’t He spend some of those precious few years he had on earth by formalizing an organization with structure and rules and chains of command? Of course, none of us knows the answers to these questions, but I think it might be because Jesus was concerned with the individuals around him. He didn’t worry about political theory or a structural legacy. He worried about teaching, preaching, healing and encouraging those around him.

As the year closes, my mind has turned to the people involved with Milk & Honey. While we have accomplishments of which I am very proud, the thing that is in my heart is the people. To the people we serve, I say I hope we have made your path easier and your burden lighter. To our Honduran partners, I say thank you for your prayers, your energy, and your passion for your community. Thank you for your selfless example and your unwavering friendship. To my colleagues on the Milk & Honey Board, I say without you, this ministry could not go on. I thank each of you sincerely and with a heart full of gratefulness.  To our prayer and financial supporters, I say thank you for steadfastness. We rely on your prayers as we seek to do God’s will among the people of Honduras. We work hard to make sure that each dollar you trust us with is spent wisely. The Board of Directors pays for all administrative expenses so that each and every dollar you share with us goes to work in Honduras.

My mind’s eye is filled with images of you, the people associated with Milk & Honey. We will leave our list of achievements for another discussion. Right now, I just want to focus on the people.  I want to revel our common belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and the relationships we have forged in this common endeavor in one corner of the world.

Blessed Christmas,

Jane Neuman

President, Milk & Honey Missions