August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

Milk & Honey Newsletter: August 2019

At the end of July, the board had the opportunity to sit down with Peter and Kathy Hearne, to hear and learn about all of the amazing things they are doing in their new church in Comayagua!
Peter and Kathy had a calling to serve the community of Comayagua. They were led by their faith and trust in God to put all their savings into the new church and their ministries. Peter proclaimed, "We do not worry about the money. If they feel an urge from God, we act on that urge." "The Lord will always provide!" Although the church does not have an introductory sign that easily displays itself, the church is a thriving community of new believers and missionaries, which allows their message to spread rapidly throughout the community. Their church started in a small place with a couple of families. God had laid it upon Peter and Kathy's heart to start a ministry in Comayagua but also with a special request, to reach out to full time missionaries living around the area that couldn't speak fluent Spanish and didn't have a church community to be part of because of language barriers. As they started, God provided the missionaries one by one, transforming the services and church into a bilingual church.

Working with these missionaries, the church puts on different events: visionary conferences, women conferences and fun family events, in order to encourage and promote business and family values. One on the main reasons people leave Honduras and their families is the lack of jobs. For this reason, Peter and Kathy have set up the visionary conferences. At the visionary conferences, the church brings in guests with business expertise. The business experts present workshops that equip the locals with the tools they need to start their own business: make a logo, how to use different software programs and how to make/ format contracts. Through this conference, they also stress the message that "It's okay to win the world, but what about your soul"? They encourage the attendees to take care of their finances but to not forget about their soul. During the women conferences, the women set up a creative market in the park to sell their products they make. This helps give the women in the community a job and a bigger role in the family to support their children. They are hoping to start a store in the church or connect with fair trade stores in the cities like Small Things Fair Trade in Woodbury Lakes. For Fun Families, the church puts on a big family-friendly event in the central park to promote family values. They have bouncy houses, people dressed in costumes, games, and a book reading from the bible. Their main message for families is about quality vs quantity in their time spent with each other. They have also started offering free English classes. All of these events are free to the public, drawing the attention of non-believers and bringing them to the church. They are looking for a lot of support through prayer and finance to keep these programs running and benefiting the community. These conferences have already changed the lives of many and will continue to do so in the future.

Since the doors to the church are always open, many homeless people just come in and sit. The church is looking for opportunities for things to do with them such as a closet filled with clothes and food. They would also like to add a shower, so that they have a place to clean up, as many of them often say they would rather have a shower more than anything.

In October, the church will be traveling to Flower Mountain to work with an indigenous Honduran tribe. This Honduran tribe has about ninety families and one church. Many of them do not have the finances to support themselves, so they only eat once a day. Flower Mountain is about a five-hour drive from Comayagua. Any prayers for their travels and work would be very beneficial. We pray that the community of Flower Mountain would be changed and impacted as well as the body of the church.
Peter and Kathy are looking for missionary interns that could stay for any amount of time to help plan and lead conferences in the church. They are always looking for support through prayers and finances to purchase computers, a tv, a printer and many other supplies to serve all the people in their growing church. Board Member Meghan Rice