July 2019

July 2019 Newsletter

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."Proverbs 19:21
This July newsletter was supposed to be a recap from the mission trip that was supposed to happen June 8-15th. But, God had other plans. There was some unrest/protesting in Honduras the week before we were supposed to leave and so it was decided that we needed the team to be safe and postpone the trip. Although I understood the reason behind the decision, I have to say, I was really disappointed. I was leading this team, along with Paige Joosten, and we put in a lot of time getting things ready to go. We said a lot of prayers to get the team together and felt the Lord was watching over us and were ready to go. (We all had our big suitcases packed!) I kept my packed suitcase in my van for 1 ½ weeks. I also had some extra things that our friends in Honduras were in need of. I had the seeds to plant the gardens in El Varillal and San Nicolas. We were planning to get the seniors involved in planting a garden in the courtyard of the Senior Center. There was also a popcorn popper for the Library! BUT, we were kept safe and that is the most important thing. We do have a new travel date: Sept. 24th - Oct. 1st. Unfortunately 3 team members could not make this work. But, we have 4 new team members joining the 8 of us. God has a plan for this team. Please pray for the team. I am excited to see what will happen!!! In the mean time, please pray for the country of Honduras. People work so hard to receive so little. It saddens me to see people in such need when I look around and see so much abundance! Some of the things that Milk and Honey Missions is helping with are:

 1.    Getting new chairs & tables for the Children's Feeding Center in La Villa.

2.   Making sure the new water filtration systems get into place in El Varillal.  Pray for someone to lead the installation process.

3.   The possibility of the road into El Varillal being worked on. (currently a road that only the brave drives on)  The people who live in El Varillal have a hard time getting in and out on this road, making life even harder for this community.

4.   Supporting the students that are a part of the Scholarship program.

5.   Finding a good Ultra Sound machine for the medical clinic.

As always, if you feel a tug at your heart to help out in any of these or other projects that Milk and Honey, Inc. supports, please visit our website linked below.

We are grateful and blessed to have such wonderful, passionate people supporting our mission to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the people in Honduras.

~Anne Van Kleek, Board member