January 2019

January, 2019

Monthly Update: January Newsletter 2019

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with the joy of the recent celebration of our Lord's birth. Do you have a resolution for 2019? Something you wish to change in your life or about your lifestyle? At the beginning of each new year, we hear constant talk about resolutions and things we will do more of, or better at, or how we will better use our time and our talents. Every year, I struggle with whether or not I should make a resolution, because I always end up "failing" and not following through with my resolution. This year, I have a different attitude. My resolution is to try my best at being more intentional about how I pray. So, personally, it will be my job to reflect on my conversations with God. Whether or not I "fail" or follow through is between God and me. One thing I know is that He is constant, no matter how inconsistent I may be. God has been blessing Milk and Honey Missions and our partners in Honduras. The library is running smoothly and we are continuing with new programs, such as free tutoring during school breaks. The Clínica Samuel is serving members in the community, as are the feeding centers, the scholarship program and the Senior Center. So, whether you are making a resolution or not this year, please continue to pray for our Missions and partners in Honduras. Your donations and constant prayers help to keep these programs running and help us to increase the number of ways we can help. Have a blessed and happy 2019!