October 2017 Newsletter

This November 4 (just a couple weeks away) Milk and Honey is hosting a fundraising dinner for the ministries we help support through our Honduran partner Pastor Peter Hearne and Linaje Escogido, the church in La Villa, Honduras.  If you follow us on FaceBook, you have probably noticed the posts regarding the ministries that Milk and Honey support in Honduras and the Dinner we are hosting.


The Board of Milk and Honey is made up of all volunteers.  Most of us joined the Board because we visited Honduras and our hearts were touched by the needs there and we came home with a love for the Linaje Church and the Honduran people.  There is no doubt that each Board Member is passionate about ministering to the people of Honduras.  We love our partners, the Hearne’s and the members of the Linaje Escogido Church.  We have become family in so many ways.  Many of our Board members have made multiple trips to Honduras as part of the King of Kings/Crossroads Church Missions Trips.  We have come to know and love many of the seniors, students and people who live in La Villa that are ministered to through Linaje Church. We love the people of Honduras.  We love being a part of a ministry that is making significant changes in the lives of the people of Honduras. 


Each Board Member gives joyfully of their own time and money to the ministry in Honduras.  We love what we do and are excited to tell others about the wonderful opportunities to reach out beyond your own family or neighborhood.  The hardest part of being a part of this Board is asking for donations.  Even though we are 1,000% sold on the work in Honduras, it is difficult for each of us to ask you to give of your resources to support the work in Honduras.  So when we ask, please know that we understand that you have many options and good things to give toward.  We would just ask that you consider Milk and Honey Missions.  Pray about it.  Go to our website (under construction right now) and see what God is doing in Honduras through our partners at Linaje Escogido. 


A couple of the ministries that are near and dear to my heart are the Senior Center and the Scholarship programs.  There is a great need to minister to the elderly in La Villa.  The church of Linaje is loving their seniors and they have needs for the center.  The scholarship program gives high school students and university students an opportunity for education that they wouldn’t have otherwise.  The feeding centers in La Villa and San Nicolas, the Medical Clinic, and the Kindergarten program all have needs. 


Please consider a Thanksgiving Gift or a Christmas gift to Milk and Honey Missions.  100% of all gifts go directly to the ministry. 


Ministering together,


Deb Hannah

Board Member