El Varillal is a small village about 7 miles away from La Villa San Antonio. The community is made up of about 90 families who work in the community through farming, selling food, construction and other labor type jobs. The previous well in El Varillal had dried up, so last year Milk and Honey Missions Inc. helped provide a new well which now provides the community with fresh water.

The people of El Varillal are hard-working and motivated to make their lives better and look forward to partnering with MHM through help from Linaje Escogido Church. Last summer we were able to visit the community, the church and their school.  The community has been building a new church bit by bit and welcomed members from MHM with open arms. The school has about 115 students.

The school is in need of desks, notebooks, books, pencils and other school supplies. The church is in need of a floor, an altar, and chairs.

This is a new partnership for Milk and Honey Missions and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for us!